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H&M Raises—and Then Drops—A Lawsuit About Graffiti and Copyright Law

Earlier this month, retail chain H&M filed a lawsuit that seemed poised to address a central question about how copyright law applies to illegal graffiti.  But following a public-relations backlash, H&M has apparently abandoned the suit, leaving these legal waters uncharted for now.

Grossman LLP Obtains Favorable Decision In Case Involving Stolen Jasper Johns Works; Gallery's Claims Will Proceed

Canadian art gallery Equinox Gallery Limited ("Equinox") will be allowed to move forward with its lawsuit against art dealer Fred Dorfman following a favorable decision from a federal judge.  Grossman LLP is representing Equinox in the case. 


Grossman LLP Prosecutes Claims Against Gallery In Major Art Fraud Litigation

The art market often relies on handshake deals even for high-dollar amounts—but these allegedly fraudulent transactions did not, says New York attorney Judd Grossman, who represents several of the plaintiffs.