Grossman LLP | <strong >Grossman LLP Attorney Kate Lucas Lectures on Art Law </strong ><strong >at Duke Kunshan University</strong >
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  • Grossman LLP Attorney Kate Lucas Lectures on Art Law at Duke Kunshan University
    In late February, Grossman LLP’s Kate Lucas talked to undergraduate students at Duke Kunshan University about her work in art law.  DKU is a partnership between Duke University in North Carolina, and Wuhan University in China; students at the liberal arts and research university have the opportunity to study in both locations and are awarded degrees from both Duke University and Duke Kunshan University upon graduation.  Kate’s lecture was facilitated by DKU art history professor Anna Piperato, who sought to give her students a glimpse of some of the real-life current events and issues that impact the art world.  Kate provided the audience with an overview—and some colorful examples—of some of the thorniest types of legal issues the firm deals with in our practice, including title disputes, authenticity problems, disputes involving dealers and other art-trade intermediaries, and copyright issues.   
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