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Trial Judge Refuses to Reconsider Massive Award For Graffiti Artists in VARA Case Regarding Destruction of 5Pointz Works

We’ve followed the 5Pointz case since the beginning, through an interim summary judgment, a trial, and an advisory jury verdict for the graffiti artists.  Earlier this year, federal district judge Frederic Block issued an opinion ordering the defendants to pay significant damages for their violations of the Visual Artists Rights Act, 17 U.S.C. § 106A (also known as VARA).  Now, Judge Block has denied the defendants’ request to reconsider his ruling, instead reaffirming and bolstering that earlier decision in advance of the defendants’ appeal to the Second Circuit.  

Appellate Court Affirms Grossman LLP’s Victory For Peter Beard

Last summer, Grossman LLP successfully represented renowned artist and photographer Peter Beard and his studio in a lawsuit over three of his original artworks.  The Chase defendants appealed to a higher court—the state’s Supreme Court Appellate Division, First Department—which held oral arguments on the appeal in January.  And this week, the appellate court again handed an important victory to Mr. Beard.


Grossman LLP Obtains Total Victory in Lawsuit Brought by Madonna Regarding Tupac Shakur Breakup Letter

"Some of the items were provided for the sale by Darlene Lutz, Madonna’s former friend and art consultant, who was also named as a defendant in the suit. Monday’s ruling also said that a 2004 settlement agreement between Ms. Lutz and Madonna prevented the singer from suing for the items.  Reached by email, Ms. Lutz’s lawyer, Judd B. Grossman, said the decision was a 'total victory.' He added, 'The court was clear that Madonna may no longer interfere with the sale of Ms. Lutz’s property.'"